Our Founders

Sarah P. Liebowitz

CEO of Sustainable Botanicals International, Sarah has been involved in the Personal Care industry for many years. In addition to being a shareholder and Board Member of her family’s company, INOLEX, Sarah served as its Global Marketing and Public Relations Manager and Corporate Development and Public Relations Executive from 2009 until January 2019.  Sarah was also the Director of Marketing for IPS Labs, a formulation lab servicing Unilever, Revlon and Avon, as well as smaller indie brands. Prior to that, Sarah had senior marketing roles in various companies and had an editorial role on the Board of Chemical Sciences and Technology , National Academy of Sciences. She graduated from Bryn Mawr College, received an MA from University of Chicago in Cultural Anthropology and completed courses at University of Chicago’s Business School.

Sarah is a member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, serves on the Board of the Philadelphia Israeli Chamber of Commerce and sits on the President’s Advisory Council of Bryn Mawr College. Sarah is also an active supporter of Fund For Social Good in South Africa.  She is the lead investor in Be Self Made, a woman-run consumer brand focused on Generation Z wellness, as well as Laboratory Sciences Corporation, a dermal delivery platform for cosmetic and pharmaceutical actives, and also in Aging Choices, a woman-led technology-platform dedicated to making finding senior living easier for everyone.

Conrad Plimpton

For more than 50 years, Conrad’s career has been marked by an emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship, with an appreciation for applied science and technology. In addition to serving as Chairman of SBI, he is active globally as a business owner and angel investor, helping a variety of universities commercialize their research.

“Our vision grew out of a realization that the availability and access to numerous specialty botanicals is significantly fragmented and compromised, from how they are both grown and harvested, to how they are processed and delivered to market.”

Jon Plimpton

Jon is passionate about finding ways for businesses and local cultures to work hand in hand for success. With an undergraduate degree in anthropology and having endowed a chair for interdisciplinary studies between anthropology and business, he is using his knowledge and experience to strengthen supply chain efficiency in a way that benefits the businesses and local economies.

“Consumer trends and demand for increasing naturalness are converging with growing awareness on issues such as sustainability, fair trade, and organic certification, along with biodiversity protection. This is particularly relevant for natural beauty, personal care, nutraceutical, and certain pharmaceutical products, as many of the active raw ingredients are sourced directly from the wild. Looking at the sourcing and supplier side of the natural product equation raises legitimate questions concerning industry responsibility and practice on sustainability and biodiversity. We intend to be an industry leader in responsible and sustainable delivery.”